• Michelle Olufemi, CPA

The Roadmap to Tax Resolution

Many of our clients here in Houston, TX who retain our tax relief services are interested in knowing two things: 1) Can you settle this for less than I owe; and 2) How long will it take?

Upon retaining our firm to resolve your tax issue, some of the relief will be immediate and some will occur over time. It is important to keep in mind that your IRS problems didn't come about overnight, and so they will also take time to resolve. The good news is that generally you wont need to meet or speak with the IRS while we are representing you. An average Offer in Compromise (OIC) case can take anywhere from 6-12 months (or longer) depending on the amount of tax liability owed, the complexity of the case, and your individual facts and circumstances.

Because so many of our clients have questions as to the process and what it takes to resolving their tax debt, I've created a video series, 'The Roadmap to Tax Resolution'. In these video series, I will outline the process from start to finish on what you can expect when resolving your tax debt. Many people have issues with wage garnishments, levies and liens and these can also be resolved. Watch the video series below to find out how to get tax relief now.

Michelle Olufemi is a Certified Public Accountant and a native New Yorker who now resides in Houston, Texas. Olufemi CPA & Associates, LLC specializes in Tax Resolution and Tax Planning. For help with IRS Debt Relief issues and Tax Planning, reach out for a consultation or email here:

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